Introducing Brookstone of Clemmons Resident & Memory Care

From the moment you enter Brookstone of Clemmons, you know you are some place special.

Our 40-bed community in Clemmons, NC is a warm and friendly home-style assisted living that caters to the needs of senior adults who need a little help to get through the day. We offer large furnished or unfurnished bedrooms, spacious walk-in closets, large bathrooms, and an open concept in our inviting and comfortable living rooms. The natural lighting, 15-foot ceilings, handicapped accommodations and beautiful furnishing are all designed with you in mind.

Gather by the big screen TV and share the movie of the week, join your friends in the large, beautifully furnished common areas, bask in front of the fireplaces, or sit outside on one of our porches to view the fountain and gardens.

The beautifully decorated building is the perfect place to visit with old friends, make new ones, and continue doing the things you enjoy. This unique assisted living community caters to a small number of individuals, creating an intimate setting that surrounds you with personal care and attention.

Be good to yourself! You deserve all the warmth and personal service Brookstone of Clemmons has to offer.

Integrity - kindness - respect

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Our Community

Having memory loss alone doesn’t mean you have dementia, although it’s often one of the early signs of the condition
If your senior parents need to move house, here are some tips to help you and them through moving day as smoothly as possible.
Assisted Living Search Mistakes to Avoid
Assessing Memory Problems
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Brookstone Community

Designed With You In Mind

Home-Style Community for 40 Residents
Around the Clock Care & Medication Administration
Structured Memory Care Program
Large Beautiful Living Spaces With Natural Lighting
Delicious Meals & Full Service Beauty Shop
Transportation, Laundry & Housekeeping Services

Did You Know?

We cater to a community of 40 residents
We keep our residents busy with an average of 80 activites a month
24 Hours a day we are available for residents & family
One resident per room creates a private and spacious living area


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