An Aging Simulation to Better Understand Your Parents and Senior Loved Ones

People often say that you can’t truly understand what someone’s going through until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. That’s exactly what Genworth are helping you do when it comes to your elderly relatives with their new aging simulation suit. Genworth offer financial solutions and insurance for the aging population and their caregivers, and they see the importance of understanding and empathizing with our elderly relatives. But it can be hard to grasp the full reality of what they’re going through without experiencing it for ourselves.

Genworth’s aging simulations

To help friends, relatives, and caregivers understand the real effects of aging, Genworth have been developing simulations to help us experience it for ourselves. Even though everyone will face different challenges to varying extents as we age, these simulations can give us an idea of some of the hardships they might be facing. This can help us become more compassionate and understanding caregivers and can even educate us on how to give the elderly a better quality of life.

The company has recently developed the R70i Aging Experience suit. They say that the purpose of creating this virtual reality suit was “to start a national dialogue about the process of aging.”

The R70i Aging Experience helps to stimulate issues such as:

  • Hearing impairments
  • Loss of vision
  • Loss of mobility and range of movement
  • Neurological disorders

The suit can be set to simulate specific health conditions like glaucoma and cataracts in the eyes, tinnitus in the ears, and physical problems like arthritis.

As well as raising awareness for the way current seniors feel, experiencing this simulation will also show you what to expect when you get older. This can help you to prepare for your own future. Not only this, people who experienced the effects of aging through this suit also described being more appreciative of their own abilities and bodies once they took off the suit and after having experienced various health issues.

To spread awareness, Genworth took their aging suit to various conferences across the country where people got the chance to try it out for themselves. People often feel uncomfortable talking about the topic of aging when it comes to themselves and their needs, so hopefully this suit will encourage people to talk more openly about how they want to age.

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