Benefits of Inpatient Rehabilitation

After an illness, injury, accident, or surgery, recovery is one of your main concerns. But what is the best and most effective way to go about this recovery? Rehabilitation can be a complex process, but finding the right rehabilitative care is key to making that process run as smoothly as it can.

When choosing rehabilitation care, there’s one big decision to make – outpatient or inpatient rehabilitation. We’re all for inpatient rehabilitation as the most effective option, so let’s look at some of the benefits it offers patients.

Comprehensive rehabilitative care

Those who go through inpatient rehab have been found to recover faster and more completely compared to outpatient or in-home rehab care. Inpatient rehab centers provide patients with at least 3 hours of rehabilitative care, 5 times per week. With outpatient therapy, it is more difficult to coordinate sessions, which tend to only take place 2 or 3 times per week.

More rehabilitative treatment throughout the week helps to speed up recovery, getting you back on your feet faster.

Around-the-clock care

In case of relapse or complications, it is good to know that you have a care team on hand around-the-clock. When you return home too quickly, it can be difficult to access the care that you need, but inpatient facilities ensure that care staff are always available to meet your needs.

Benefit from a team of care providers

Outpatients tend to have a single care provider who sees them through their rehab. While this has its advantages, another option is to have access to a team of care providers, each with their own specialties. This means you benefit from top-of-the-range care relating to various aspects, like physical therapy, speech therapy, and nutritionists.

Access to the best facilities

For physical therapy, having access to the necessary equipment and facilities can be very important to recovery. For outpatient or in-home rehab care, your therapist is limited with what they can bring with them or what they have in their clinic. Inpatient rehabilitation gives you access to all the equipment and facilities you might need to aid your recovery.

Rest and relax

When rehab patients return home, they might be burdened with daily chores like grocery shopping and cleaning the house, especially if they live alone. Or they might have others to care for. Family members can offer to help out, but this can still be a burden on their minds. With inpatient care, you can fully relax while a team takes care of you, allowing you to get the mental and physical rest you need.

We provide top-class rehabilitative care and memory care to our residents, ideal for stroke patients and those with Alzheimer’s or dementia, among many other conditions and ailments. Contact Brookstone of Clemmons if you or a family member are in need of our care.

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