Choosing Furnished vs. Unfurnished Accommodation

When you move into a senior living community, you want to find an apartment that suits your needs and your tastes. You’ll have a variety of decisions to make to find the right apartment, starting with which senior living community to move to, all the way down to the finer details of your accommodation.

One of these decisions is whether furnished or unfurnished accommodation is better suited to you. Let’s look at some of the benefits of each option to help you decide which is best for your move into independent or assisted living.

The pros of choosing furnished accommodation

The main reason to choose a furnished apartment is the convenience. You don’t have to go through the hassle of moving in all of your old furniture or buying new furniture to fit your new apartment. While a furnished apartment will typically cost more than an unfurnished one, you also don’t have to spend money to hire professional movers or a van to move your furniture.

Furnished accommodation can also grant you more flexibility. You might decide to leave your accommodation to move in with family, for example. In this case, you likely won’t need your own furniture and there may not be room for it in your family’s home. With furnished accommodation, you won’t have the hassle of moving your furniture out of your apartment and either selling it or storing it.

The pros of choosing unfurnished accommodation

Although there may be more initial work involved with moving into an unfurnished apartment, it does have its advantages. The first is that it can be cheaper in the long run since the cost of rent is usually lower for unfurnished accommodation. Even if you have to spend some money initially to buy or move furniture, the lower rent can add up to savings after a year or two.

An unfurnished apartment also gives you more freedom to personalize your apartment and make it feel like home. It means you’ll be able to move your favorite armchair from your old home to your new one, or choose new furniture that suits your style. It can be difficult to move house after spending years or even decades in your previous home, so taking your own furniture with you can help you still feel connected to your old house and the memories you have in it.

At Brookstone of Clemmons, we offer both furnished and unfurnished apartments to suit your needs. Get in touch to find out more about our accommodation options and other amenities.

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