Home Care and Maintenance Tasks to Consider

If you or a loved one are deciding between aging in place and moving into senior living, it’s important that everyone involves has an understanding of all the factors. This is especially important if that person’s situation has changed, such as if they’ve been diagnosed with an illness or have suffered from an injury or a condition that impacts their mobility.

When deciding what level of care is needed, think about the chores that need doing around the house. Coming up with a list of these home and maintenance tasks will help you assess whether they are manageable for the person living there or if an in-home carer is needed, or something more comprehensive such as assisted living. Similarly, if you’re considering providing part-time care for a senior relative, this list will help you assess your responsibilities and if it is manageable.

Doing the dishes

For most households, this is something that needs doing every day or two. It’s generally a quick and easy job, but consider the strain of standing up for 10 minutes or more for someone who has mobility issues. A dishwasher is another option that could make this easier.


A load of laundry will need doing perhaps once a week. This is made easier if there’s a washing machine in the home rather than having to go to a laundromat, for example. Consider the weight of carrying a load of laundry, particularly in a house with stairs.

General tidying and cleaning

There are lots of small and quick jobs that need doing on a regular basis, such as wiping down surfaces, picking up clothes from the floor, and taking the trash out.

Deeper cleaning

Then there are times when a deeper clean is needed, such as cleaning the toilet, the bath, and inside the oven. Some things can be left to professionals, such as washing the windows.

Tending the lawn or garden

If your home has a garden, then various tasks may be required, such as mowing the lawn, raking leaves, and watering and pruning the flowers. Mowing, in particular, can become too strenuous for seniors, but even bending down to tend to flowers can be a challenge in those with low mobility.

Cleaning the gutters

Especially in fall, the gutters can get clogged and potentially cause problems with the plumbing and flooding. You need a ladder to climb up and clear the gutters of debris, which may be safer left to a professional.

Professional maintenance needs

There are then the things that are better left to the professionals, such as garage door maintenance and roof repair. Someone needs to make sure that these jobs are arranged and paid for as and when needed to keep the house in good shape.

These are just some of the key tasks that need doing, but creating a comprehensive list will help you evaluate the level of care or support needed. If assisted living is the right way to go, then contact Brookstone of Clemmons to find out more about our senior living community in Clemmons, NC.