How to Make Sure Your Parent is Cared for When You Don’t Live Nearby

We all wish we could provide our parents with the level of care they need as they get older. But circumstances throughout life often mean we no longer live nearby. If you live in another city, state, or even another country, how can you make sure that your senior parent is being properly cared for?

We’ve got some tips to help you manage long-distance caregiving and to make sure your parents are well looked after.

Keep in regular contact with them

If you can’t visit your parent often due to distance, you should make an effort to stay in regular contact with them. Call them, message them, video chat with them. How often you should do this will depend on their health and ability to look after themselves. Talking to them and especially seeing them on video chat will allow you to look out for any signs of deteriorating health or mental faculties.

Ask local friends and family to help

If you still have friends or family members that live close to your parent, don’t be afraid to ask them for help. They can visit your parent and perhaps help them out around the house or with other chores. They can then keep you updated and warn you if something seems wrong.

Manage their finances

You can take one burden off your parent by helping them to manage their finances. This may involve gaining access to their bank account (with their permission, of course) so you can keep an eye on how much money they have for day-to-day expenses. You could arrange for their bills to be directed to you so you know they always have water and power.

Hire an in-home carer

You can make sure your parent is looked after by hiring an in-home carer. How much time they spend with your parent will depend on how much care is needed. They could visit once a week to make sure everything is okay, or they could be there for a couple of hours every day.

Independent or assisted living communities

Another step up from an in-home carer would be moving your parent into an independent living community. Residents of these communities can still live independently, but they are surrounded by a supportive environment for when they need assistance. Assisted living communities are for seniors who need more help with daily living, as well as additional services like memory care or Alzheimer’s care.

If you feel like your long-distance relative needs additional care and support, have a conversation with them about senior living. Brookstone of Clemmons can help you find the right level of care for your parent. Get in touch to find out more about senior care in Clemmons and Lewisville.

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