Leading Reasons Seniors Should Embrace a Move to Assisted Living

Is your loved one reluctant to make the move to assisted living? If they have care needs that they can no longer meet themselves, or with the help of family members, then assisted living is one of the best solutions. But it can be a big change. Many seniors want to hold onto their independence for as long as they can. But it’s a myth that assisted living completely takes away the independence of its residents.

To help you convince your loved one that assisted living is a positive move, here are some of the great reasons they should embrace it.

They get to socialize

Socialization is important at all stages of our lives. While it can be harder to make friends as we get older, assisted living communities make it easy. Residents are encouraged to socialize with each other, and plenty of activities and events are set up to help them do so.

They might learn new things

Most assisted living communities also provide opportunities to take part in classes that educate residents and stimulate the mind. Computer classes and language classes are a couple of examples of these. Or you could take up a new hobby like knitting or painting.

They can get out and about

Moving to assisted living does not mean being stuck in a home forever. Group outings and trips are often organized as part of the social program, meaning you can go out of the community together for a meal or a fun activity. Transportation is also provided if residents need to attend doctor’s appointments off the facility, for example.

Access to nutritious, home-cooked food

You can say goodbye to bland and unhealthy convenience food when you make the move to assisted living. Residents are provided with nutritious meals and snacks every day, which they can either enjoy in the privacy of their own apartment or in a shared dining space with other residents.

They’ll get the care they need, when they need it

One of the most important aspects of assisted living is that residents get the care they need, when they need it. Around-the-clock care is on hand for medical needs, medication management, carrying out daily tasks and chores, and whatever else is required. Memory care and rehabilitative care are also provided for residents with these needs, so it’s a suitable environment for Alzheimer’s care.

If you’re considering assisted living care for your family member or loved one, then arrange a tour to come and visit us at Brookstone of Clemmons. We’ll ensure that they get the care and the life that they deserve.

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