Looking After Your Hearing

If we’ve always been able to hear and see well, then we often take these and other senses for granted throughout our life. But lots of everyday things can damage our sight and hearing, especially when those things affect us repeatedly over time. We’ve already provided some tips about how you can look after your eyes and your sight as you age, so let’s also look at some ways to protect your ears and your hearing.

Why it’s important to look after your hearing

Statistics show that almost 25% of adults aged 65-74 in the US have some form of disabling hearing loss, and this figure jumps to 50% for adults over 75. While hearing problems can be caused by certain conditions that become more common as we age, a lot of people suffer hearing loss simply due to gradual damage during their lives. And this is preventable to an extent if we take the proper measures to protect our ears.

Use proper safety equipment

People who work in noisy environments, such as construction sites or around heavy machinery, are at particular risk of damaging their hearing as they are exposed to loud noises on an almost daily basis. This is why it’s so important to follow the proper safety procedures and wear ear defenders. These may not always be the most comfortable or stylish, but it’s certainly preferable to lasting damage.

Keep the music down

It may feel cool to listen to music as loud as possible, especially when we’re younger, but this can do a lot of damage to our eardrums over time. If you’re using headphones or earbuds to listen to music, keep the volume down to a minimum and try not to listen for too long. The general advice given is to keep your volume to 60% or less and listen for 60 minutes or less at a time. It’s even advisable to wear earplugs when you’re at music concerts, festivals, and other places with loud music.

Cleaning and drying your ears properly

Despite what you might have learned in the past, it’s not advisable to clean your ears out using Q-tips or cotton swabs. This can cause damage if done incorrectly, and the wax is there for a reason so shouldn’t be cleared out like this. You can clean around your ear with a damp cloth, and make sure to properly dry around your ears after bathing, showering, or swimming.

Get your hearing checked regularly

Just like you should get your eyes tested regularly or your teeth checked by the dentist, you should have your hearing checked on a regular basis too, especially as you age. This way, certain problems can be caught and treated early, and you can get more advice about properly looking after your hearing.

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