Making the Transition to Senior Living

Change can be difficult at any stage of our lives, but it can be even more challenging for seniors who are so used to doing things their way. All of a sudden, they need extra care and help in their day-to-day lives and may need to adapt their regular activities and schedule. For many older adults, a move to senior living is the best thing to do, whether that’s into independent living or the increased support of assisted living.

If you or a loved one are making the move to senior living, then here are some tips for making the transition easier for everyone involved.

Visit the senior living community first

Moving somewhere new can be daunting, but it helps to familiarize yourself with the new place first. Visit the living community with your parent or loved one so that they can see where they’ll be living. You’ll hopefully be able to visit one of the apartments like the one they’ll be living in, too.

Get help with the move

Moving into senior living from your own home usually involves downsizing, so there will be a lot of belongings to sort through and pack up. You’ll need to decide what to take into senior living with you, what to store or pass onto family members, and what to get rid of. You’ll then need to pack everything up and move it into your new home. Get help from friends and family members throughout this process, and professional movers if needed.

Make it a home

Once they’ve moved into their new apartment and community, try to personalize their apartment and room as much as you can so that it really starts to feel like home. Family photos and mementos are good to have around, and you can decorate the apartment in a way they like.

Get involved

Now you’re living in a community of other seniors, it’s the perfect time to get involved. Participating in activities and socializing with your neighbors is the best way to feel part of that community. Introduce yourself to people, eat your meals in the communal dining areas, and get signed up for classes and events. There’s lots on offer!

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