Safe and Healthy Travel Tips for Seniors

Retirement is the perfect time to create a bucket list and try out all those new things you’ve always wanted to do. For many people, this involves travel. A lot of couples start to travel more after retirement, or seniors may travel alone or with friends or family members. But traveling as a senior is likely to be different than traveling as a young adult, so we’ve got some travel tips for seniors that will help you get the most out of your trips while staying safe and healthy.

Cruise vacations

Cruises are especially popular among seniors because they provide you with everything you need in one package. You’ve got accommodation, restaurants, bars, and entertainment easily accessible to you. When your ship stops at a destination, you have the option of staying on board or getting off to explore, or even just getting off to relax on the beach or in a café.

Sightseeing bus tours

If you’re in a city and want to see all the sights, then it can be extremely physically demanding to walk around all day, especially in cities that have a lot of steps or steep and uneven roads. Luckily, a lot of big cities around the world offer things like sightseeing bus tours, so you can be driven around the city to take everything in. These are often open-top buses and may also give you the option of getting off the bus for a while to explore popular attractions.

Packing medical essentials

Make sure you pack any and all medication you will need on your trip. You might not be able to rely on purchasing or refilling these medications while you’re away, so it’s better to pack too much than too little. Don’t forget any medical documentation you might need and insurance details. If you’re flying, then keep essential medication in your carry-on so that you can access it at all times.

Check accessibility

When booking your accommodation and transportation, you should check to make sure that they meet any needs you have in terms of mobility and accessibility. Even if you’re fairly mobile, you probably don’t want to be staying on the top floor of an apartment building that has no elevator. If you or someone you’re traveling with has low mobility or uses a wheelchair, then make sure anywhere you book can cater to this.

Be aware of pickpockets

Tourist attractions in big cities are often the worst places for pickpockets and fraudsters. Try not to carry too much cash and other valuables on you. Leave what you don’t need locked away in your room, ideally in a safe. Even wearing nice jewelry can make you a target. While out and about, keep your belongings close to you and be especially vigilant in crowded areas.

Senior travel can be the experience of a lifetime, just make sure that you are safe and that you tailor your vacations to your needs and abilities. If you need any more advice for senior living and travel, then Brookstone of Clemmons are here to help.

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