Staying Independent in Your Senior Years

It can be difficult having to suddenly rely on others for things that you’ve been managing yourself for your whole adult life, but this is the challenge that many seniors face as they age. Problems like a loss of mobility, declining eyesight and hearing, and cognitive problems including diseases like dementia can all lend themselves towards a loss of independence as we age.

Get technology on your side

Whether you love it or hate it, technology can actually help you maintain your independence in a number of ways. You can get around easily with apps like Uber and Lyft, shop online if it’s difficult to get to the shops, or you can use online meal subscription services to have ingredients and recipes delivered to your home, allowing you to still cook for yourself and enjoy good food. Smart technology and wearable devices are also extremely useful.

Look after your health

There are lots of motivational sayings that encourage you to look after your body because you have to live in it for your whole life. While this may sound cheesy, it is still a good point. Looking after your body as you age is like an investment. Eating right and staying active helps to reduce your risks of many diseases and conditions, and increases your chances of still being mobile and active in your senior years.

Adapt your surroundings

Losing some of your mobility doesn’t necessarily mean you need in-home care or senior living. Adapting your surroundings through home improvements or by moving into a more accessible house can help you stay more independent as you age in your own home. Even something as simple as placing grab rails in the bathroom and other areas can make it easier for you to move around the house safely. If stairs become a challenge, then consider installing a stairlift or moving into a single-story house or a first-floor apartment.

Getting the care and support you need

Sometimes the best way to keep your independence is to actually be dependent from time to time. By accepting the areas that you need support in, you can retain your freedom and independence in other areas. For example, if you can no longer drive due to poor eyesight or any other reason, accepting lifts from friends and family allows you to still get out and do the things you enjoy or run errands for yourself.

At Brookstone of Clemmons, we ensure that you get the care you need while granting you as much independence and control as possible. Our assisted living facility ensures that you have access to care that adapts as your needs change or progress, so the right level of care is always available. Get in touch to find out more about assisted living in Clemmons, NC.