“We were looking for a quiet, home-like place for my Dad. He had been in skilled care, but was ready for another home with less skilled care and more relaxed and loving care. The Brookstone is an AWESOME facility.

The staff has been there for a long time and cares. The staff is very respectful of family members who have questions. I am truly amazed at the difference in facilities in this area and Brookstone shines out above the rest. A Remarkable facility. Thank you for reading.”

“A Remarkable facility”

Andy H.

“We were could enter 24/7 through a password protected door, so visits were never expected.”

Ron H.

“When my sisters and I needed memory care for our mom, we visited all the memory care units in the area. Some were less expensive than Brookstone Terrace, some were more expensive. Some were older than Brookstone Terrace, some were newer.

We choose Brookstone Terrace memory care because it was clean and well maintained, had resident activities, had only twenty residents (two to a room) where all the rooms, including dining and activity rooms, were along a long hallway and visible to staff at all times, had 4 CNTs on duty 24 hours a day with a day nurse and assigned doctor, had no entrance fee (others had a nonrefundable fee equal to one month’s stay), and, most of all, because of the good feeling we got from the staff during our unannounced visit. While at Brookstone Terrace, mom had her good and bad days and, after two months, her health deteriorated and she passed shortly thereafter at age 88.

One or more of our family visited her every day. We were could enter 24/7 through a password protected door, so visits were never expected. Every time we walked in, the facility was clean and odorless, and the staff was talking to and assisting residents just as if they were one of the residents’ family. The staff kept us informed about mom’s mental and physical health, answered all our questions, and immediately took care of any requests. We got a phone call anytime anything out of the ordinary occurred. The staff was always friendly, helpful, and showed genuine concern for mom and the family’s needs. Near the end, they helped us contact the Hospice & Palliative CareCenter, whose staff was fantastic and worked hand-in-hand with Brookstone Terrace staff in caring for mom. When mom passed, the entire staff, including cooks and housekeeping, was as upset as family members were; we all cried together.

Memory care is a tough job and when a resident’s health is failing, it is even tougher. Brookstone Terrace provides quality healthcare and, just as important, they provide genuine love of their residents. Memory care is also a trying time for the family. Brookstone Terrace staff considers caring for the family’s needs just as important as caring for the resident. Miss Ruby loved the staff and we sincerely love all of them and consider them a part of our family. If you have a family member in need of memory care or assisted living, you will find no better care than that offered at Brookstone Terrace.”