The Benefits of Using A Mobility Scooter

Low mobility can affect anyone at any age, but it becomes a more common problem when we reach our senior years. Our muscles and bones may become weaker as we age, we’re more likely to experience joint pain that limits our movement, and we may be more likely to suffer from injuries or illnesses that impact our mobility.

When this occurs, there are various aids that can help us stay mobile and independent as we age. These include simple aids such as walking sticks and more advanced things like mobility scooters

What is a mobility scooter?

A mobility scooter is a small ride-on vehicle that is electrically powered. It consists of a seat, handlebars, and a flat surface where the user rests their feet, as well other options such as a basket, armrests, and more. They typically feature either 3 or 4 wheels. Mobility scooters can be useful for various people, particularly seniors and anyone with a physical disability.

How can they benefit seniors?

If you or a loved one are facing mobility problems and trying to decide whether a mobility scooter is right for you, then here are some of the benefits it can offer:

  • Greater independence – When we lose our mobility, we can also lose a degree of our independence. It’s not as easy to go out and do the things you’re used to doing, and you may need to ask a friend or family member for help. A mobility scooter can give you back some of this independence by making it easier to complete regular tasks such as shopping for groceries.
  • Better accessibility – Similarly, a mobility scooter can help you access the places you usually go to that might be difficult for you to reach if you have to walk or drive a car there. Scooters can help you continue to attend appointments, complete chores, and go to social activities.
  • Decreased risk of injury – If you keep trying to walk everywhere and do everything you normally would with decreased mobility, then you may at risk of tripping or falling and injuring yourself. Relying on a mobility scooter when you need to can help to keep you safe.
  • Convenience – If walking places isn’t as quick and easy as it used to be, then a mobility scooter can grant you convenience through a quicker mode of transport. A trip to the store or to a relative’s house can become much quicker and easier.
  • Aided recovery – If you’re recovering from an injury, illness, or surgery, then trying to do too much, too fast can slow down your recovery and put you at greater risk of injury or other complications. A mobility scooter can help take some of the load off, allowing you to rest when needed.

It’s important to many seniors to retain their independence as much as possible as they age. Contact Brookstone of Clemmons to find out how our independent and assisted living facilities can help you achieve this.