Tips for Living with Your Senior Parents

When your parents or just one parent reaches a point where they need care, one option is for them to move in with an adult child and their family. This can help seniors avoid moving into senior living if they are not ready to take that step, while ensuring that they have some regular care and support as opposed to living on their own.

The level of care they need will determine how much of an impact this has on your life, whether you need to be a full-time carer for them or you can still continue with your everyday job and responsibilities. Either way, living with your parent for the first time in decades can be a challenge for both of you. Let’s look at some tips to help you both cope with this new situation.

Be patient

Think back to your relationship with your parent when you were a teenager living at home. Did you argue and fall out a lot? You’ve obviously matured since then, but family can have a way of making people regress. When sharing a house again, it’s important to be patient with each other to avoid toxic situations or explosive arguments. Your parent moving in can bring you closer together, but it also has the chance of pushing you further apart. Try to communicate openly and honestly if something is a problem – and this should be the case on both sides.

Set boundaries

Just like with roommates, you need to set boundaries between you and your parent. You should still be able to enjoy your own time, whether that’s a night out with friends or an evening in with your partner. And especially if you work from home and need to avoid distractions. Simple things like always knocking will help both of you feel like you have privacy in the home, or you could designate private rooms or areas.

Accept help

It may be great having your parent with you around the house to keep each other company and to give you peace of mind that they are safe. But if the caregiving responsibilities become too much, remember that there are other options to support you both. For example, you could hire an in-home carer to come to your house once or twice a week to help with regular caregiving tasks.

If senior living is the solution, then contact Brookstone of Clemmons to find out more about our assisted living facilities and care services in Clemmons, NC.