What Are Your Responsibilities As A Caregiver?

If your parent or another senior loved one is starting to need care due to a disability or health condition, then you may be considering whether to provide care for them yourself or whether to hire a professional carer. To help you make this tough decision, it helps to first understand what your responsibilities would be when becoming a caregiver. Read on for some general duties required from most caregivers.

Dressing and bathing

Depending on their condition or level of mobility, your loved one may need help with basic daily activities such as washing and bathing, getting dressed, and grooming. Grooming needs may include hairstyling, shaving, trimming nails, skincare regimes, and more.


Cleaning and tidying the house can become difficult for seniors with low mobility or a loss of independence due to something like dementia. In this case, you will be required to do things like picking up and tidying away clutter from around the house, vacuuming, mopping the floors, wiping surfaces, doing the dishes, and whatever else is required. For seniors with gardens, this may also include general upkeep of the garden.

Meal preparation

Nutrition is important for seniors, but they may find it difficult to cook for themselves or it may be unsafe for them to do so. Your duties may include planning meals for them, grocery shopping, and preparing and cooking the meals.

Managing medical needs

Seniors may have a lot of medical needs, from taking medication to attending doctors’ appointments. Your role will likely include managing their medication to ensure that they’re taking the right medications at the right doses and at the right times of day. You should also keep track of their appointments in case they can’t remember them, and you should also be aware of their health conditions so you can monitor whether any symptoms are worsening or new symptoms are arising.

Transport and recreation

Seniors who can’t drive may also need transporting to things like appointments and social engagements. You can also take them out on walks or trips to ensure that they are getting fresh air and exercise, and that they’re taking part in activities they enjoy.

Managing finances

Managing finances may be beyond the scope of a senior’s cognitive abilities if they suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s. So, it may be your responsibility to do things like paying bills, preparing taxes, and ensuring they are safe from financial scams.

If your loved one requires care that you’re unable to provide for them, there are plenty of other options, from in-home care to assisted living. Contact Brookstone of Clemmons to find out more about our assisted living services and facilities in Clemmons, NC.