Where to Look for Grief Support Services

As we age, loss becomes a more common event in our lives as friends and family grow older and eventually pass on. This is always a difficult part of life, so it’s important that you still have a support system so you can talk to people about how you’re feeling and gain some comfort from them.

If you or a loved one have experienced a difficult loss, then here are some places you can look to help you through your grief.

Web Healing

Web Healing is an online grief support forum that has been going since 1995. The extensive forums provide a safe place for people to talk, listen, and discuss when grieving the loss of a loved one. Different forum categories allow you to find a small online community that you can relate to. The website also contains articles and videos that could help you, as well as links to other resources and an honor page where users can pay respects to their loved one.

Local grief support groups

If you’d prefer to talk to others about your grief in person, then you may be able to find local grief support groups that meet near you. This will give you a safe and supportive space to discuss your grief with people who are going through similar experiences. Or you can simply go there to listen to other people’s stories if you don’t feel comfortable talking about it. This directory can help you find support groups near you.

Better Help

Better Help allows you to talk to a trained and licensed counselor online from wherever you are. You can communicate with your counselor by messaging each other, via live chat, phone calls, video calls, or a combination of the above. While this is not a free resource, it is an affordable way to receive professional support while you are grieving or through any other personal issues you are facing.

Your peers and loved ones

Sometimes it can be easier to talk to a stranger about your difficult feelings, whether they are a professional or have been through similar experiences to you. That’s where the above services come in useful. But if you’d rather speak to someone you know and are close to, then you shouldn’t be hesitant to go to your friends, family, and peers when grieving.

Your loved ones are there for you if you need to speak to someone, a shoulder to cry on, or someone to just spend time with to take your mind off other things. If you live in a retirement community or independent living, then try going to fellow residents or support and care staff to talk through your feelings.

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